ASSE 6040 Medical Gas Maintenance Training

The ASSE 6040 Medical Gas Maintenance Personnel Training Course consists of 24 hours of training covering all facets of ASSE Standard 6040 and NFPA-99, 2018 edition.
The course will be taught by a certified ASSE 6050 Medical Gas Instructor. The course is designed to teach the attendee the requirements to properly maintain the medical gas system to ASSE 6040, NFPA-99 and Manufacturer's recommendations. The course is broken down into three eight hour days with each of the first three days consisting of eight hours of classroom instruction and the last day being used for the 100 question, multiple choice, closed book examination.
The passing grade is 75%.
Candidates must be employed by a health care facility or contractor and must prove at least one years experience. The cost of this program is $ 650.
The certification will be conducted by the National Inspection and Testing Corporation (NITC) and the certification will last for three years. The cost of the certification is $116 and is attendee's responsibility. The renewal is $49 every three years.